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Our Services


  • Onsite relocation and lifting of heavy industrial equipment.

  • Different types of rigging which include modular, mobile and hydraulic gantries.

Warehousing & Transport

  • Warehouse facilities which can cater to all types of cargo

  • All import and export transportation needs.

Corrosion Protection

  • Corrosion intercept, this is a copper embedded 250 micron thick heat shrink plastic, used in conjunction with desiccants for ultimate moisture control, and protecting against rust and premature degradation of all metals. Suitable for all forms of transport. This product carries a 10 year guarantee.

  • Power shrink, also a 250 micron thick heat shrink plastic, with excellent anti-UV properties, when combined with the use of desiccants is a more cost effective alternative of moisture control.

  • Bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, aerothene, polystyrene sheets as well as chips, expanded polyethylene, high density foams, shrink wrap or pallet wrap can be used to protect cargo.

Sea Containers & Flat Racks

  • Onsite packing crews are equipped with valid forklift licenses and have a number of years of experience in packing containers.

  • We specialize in packing onsite 12 m/40 foot and 6 m/20 foot containers, open top containers, flat racks and trucks.

  • Turnkey packaging projects

  • We can pack and strap anything.

Strapping, Chocking,
Dunnage & Cradles

  • There is no room for error delivering your cargo that is why we take utmost care in strapping and chocking your cargo securely to travel all corners of the world.

  • We will secure your cargo with dunnage to support all types of cargo and cradles for all cylinder type cargo.

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