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Crates & Pallets

  • Specialists in the design and manufacturing of timber crates and pallets.

  • Timber is secured from reputable sawmills within the borders of South Africa.

  • The timber used in the manufacturing of crates and pallets destined for exportation is all compliant with the international plant protection control act (IPPC) and the international standard for phytosanitary measure no 15 (ISPM 15) as outlined and regulated by the department of agriculture.

  • Crates and pallets are either delivered completely assembled and ready to use in a sub assembled form or manufactured onsite depending on logistical parameters.

  • We manufacture solid crates, slatted crates and skeleton crates.


Kit-Form Crates

Plywood Crates

Solid Wooden Crates

Slatted Crates


Skeleton Crate

Wooden Crates

If you need anything from a small individual crate for carrying backpacks on your next camping trip or an entire truckload of custom crates for your next export shipment, Anchor Crates can help!

We have timber crates and wooden crates for sale in Durban and across South Africa.

We also have wooden pallets and timber pallets for sal in Durban.

Crating Specifications

Crate Specifications
  • Heavy-duty crate designs could be incorporated with a steel structure for extra support and strength but that all depends on the weight of the cargo and the mode of transport sensitivity of the cargo.

  • Sensitive cargo is packed and secured according to sensitivity, and method of transportation

  • Different densities of foam can be used depending on the sensitivity of the cargo.

  • Weatherproofing crates for protection is a crucial part of the packaging process and is performed with the utmost care. Powershrink is an extra corrosion prevention to make your cargo weatherproof

  • All necessary packaging signs will be displayed on each crate like fragile-, slinging-, arrow up, center of gravity sign, etc.

Packaging & Hazardous Packing

Plywood Boxes



Desiccant Bags
Certified woven strapping

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